Your City Council

Front Row from left: Mark McKay, Cindy Peterson, Bob Mead
Back Row from left: Loren Stuckert, Randy Milburn, Randy Riley, Marian Miller, Rob Jaehnig, Joe 

City Council President
Cindy Peterson
640 Prairie Ave.
(937) 382-5986 (H)
(937) 725-4510 (C)

Committees: Ad Hoc (Convener)


Clerk of Council
Executive Assistant to the Mayor

Brenda K. Woods
69 N. South Street
(937) 382-5458 (W)


At-Large Representatives

Council Member-at-Large
Mark McKay
1186 Sylvan Dr.
(937) 382-2709 (H)

Committees: Downtown Revitalization (Convener); Finance; Parks; Safety; Street (Chairperson); Water (Chairperson)
President Pro Tem


Council Member-at-Large
Randi Milburn
1381 Meadow Ridge Circle
(937) 218-6025 (C)

Committees: Ad Hoc; Asset, Acquisition and Use; Judiciary; Parks and Recreation; Wastewater/Sewer


Council Member-at-Large
Marian Miller
1420 Woodside Dr.
(910) 987-6198 (C)

Committees: Downtown Revitalization; Finance; Parks and Recreation; Solid Waste/Recycling; Water


Ward Representatives

Council Member - 1st Ward
Bob Mead
1013 N. Lincoln St.
(937) 725-3619 (C)

Committees: Asset, Acquisition and Use (Chairperson); Finance (Chairperson); Street;  Wastewater/Sewer


Council Member - 2nd Ward
Loren Stuckert
187 S. Walnut
(937) 382-4643 (H)

Committees: Asset, Acquisition and Use; Judiciary, Parks and Recreation (Convener); Wastewater/Sewer (Chairperson); Water; 


Council Member - 3rd Ward
Joe Spicer
963 Linhof Road
(937) 382-8945 (H)
(937) 218-6356 (C)

Committees: Ad Hoc; Downtown Revitalization; Safety; Solid Waste/Recycling; Street, Water; Wastewater/Sewer


Council Member - 4th Ward
Rob Jaehnig
606 Oakridge Dr.
(937) 728-6557 (C)

Committees: Ad Hoc; Judiciary (Chairperson); Safety (Chairperson); Solid Waste/Recycling (Chairperson);